Cowbell Cyber has announced its new partner program to provide insureds with extensive, closed-loop risk management services. The program aims to address and alleviate cybersecurity incidents more effectively.

Cowbell Cyber is the pioneer AI-powered cyber insurance company in the industry. It offers cyber insurance plans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

The partner program, called Cowbell Connect, combines cyber liability policies with risk appraisal, quantification, and alleviation. It also offers pre-incident and post-incident remediation services. 

With its new program, the company capitalizes on a plethora of prowess and resources from multiple partners to respond to the most significant threat of modern time: cybercrimes. 

The program partners include data scientists, cybersecurity providers, digital risk mitigators, and more. 

Data Aggregators

These partners include DarkOwl, Advisen, and Dun & Bradstreet – all of them already building up Cowbell’s signature attack surface surveillance tools. They play a critical role in Cowbell’s risk appraisal expertise. 

Cloud Providers

Cowbell has partnered with Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, and Google to manage a sophisticated system for its clients, including email platforms, teamwork technologies, app solutions, and more. Cowbell Connect uses APIs to make these solutions and services work together. The insureds can use these cloud providers’ expertise to get insights into cyber risks and get expert recommendations to build better risk profiles. 

Cybersecurity Platforms 

Cybersecurity platforms provide surveillance and management services for individual facets of a company’s cybersecurity. 

Cowbell has partnered with Qualys for risk exposure, regulatory compliance, and container security and Security Studio for MSSPs under the new partner program. 

It is also using Safeguard for cybersecurity of social media, teamwork technologies, and business correspondence tools. 

Training Providers

The company uses Wizer as a cybersecurity training partner. Wizer is a household name in cybersecurity education, awareness, and training. It will now train the employees of Cowbell’s clients in preventing attacks like phishing and cyber ransomware. 

Managed Service Providers 

The managed service providers will look after Cowbell policyholders’ security by providing advisory, managed, and sub-contracting services. 

Incident Response Services

The incident response providers will work as part of the company’s claim teams. They will assist with post-attack events, such as ransomware incidents, forensics, legal aspects, and business restoration. 

Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

The new partner program incorporates many different digital channels and ecosystems, such as brokers and agents, networks, reinsurers, and networks. 

Industry Associations

This includes individual insurance brokers and agents from IIAB, insurance agency owners from IOAO, the Insurance Connector, and more. 

Cowbell Cyber is one of the largest cyber insurance providers globally, with a presence in more than 100 countries and 50 US states and the District of Columbia. 

The company brings independent, admitted, and customized cyber liability plans for SMEs with revenue not exceeding $1 billion. It offers business cyber insurance coverage of up to $15 million on AM Best “A” rated paper.

Insureds can learn more about the Cowbell Connect program by visiting