The company has cybersecurity services for customers. The services are a relief to customers and many companies. It will be a relief for clients from any threats or incidents. The package will detect and counter threats and attacks.

In recent years, cybersecurity has been a big challenge to many companies. Due to the growing use and reliance on internet services. Cyber threats have also increased because the internet is an open ground for everyone.

Every company, small or medium-sized, especially financial institutions, needs cyber protection. The attacks have increased. Everyone in the corporate world is worried. Having cyber-insurance services for a corporate is a reprieve.

Hybrid work models are not cybersecurity protected

Most institutions and customers have shifted into remote working models. It is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, working environment has changed. Cyber threats have increased due to this change. Remote working has its challenges. There are unsecured home networks.

Also, phishing attacks are most rampant at home. Due to the lack of security resources. Cybersecurity hackers are targeting homes. It is easy to find loopholes at homes than at organization premises. The governor of the Bank of Italy expressed concerns in October. He warned financial companies of being more exposed to cyber security risks. It is due to a 54 percent increase in cyber-attacks on European banks. He called for increased care in monitoring and controlling threats and attacks.

There are different services that Generali will offer start 2022 across the globe. It will first start in Europe, then grow to other countries. These services will include:

Cybersecurity risk assessment

The new insurance services will be able to do a thorough Risk assessment. In addition, they will ensure that organizations are protected. It will also reduce the cost of security incidents. It will be able to identify, mitigate and control cyber threats.

Phishing cybersecurity simulated attacks and learning programs

This service will assist corporate clients. It will prepare them before an attack happens. Therefore, it will help them to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats. Moreover, phishing simulation makes employees and clients watchful. It puts them on a simulated battlefield. It helps them learn and improve their cybersecurity skills. With this service, many corporate clients will be able to protect themselves. It will also help in preparing them before an attack happens.