A Steady Increase In Cyberattacks Prove Why You Need To Insure...

2020 has forced everyone to operate digitally, and that's why the usage of cybersecurity is very important in this day and age. Here are...
cyber insurance

2026 forecast for cyber insurance

The future of cyber insurance policies is becoming brighter due to advancement in technology. A lot of advancement in technological aspect is happening many...
Data Breach

Credit Firm Investigates Massive Brazilian Data Breach

UK credit firm, Experian, has confirmed it is conducting an investigation into a massive data breach in Brazil. Millions of people's data are being...



Generali has new cybersecurity insurance services for its clients

The company has cybersecurity services for customers. The services are a relief to customers and many companies. It will be a relief for clients...
Cyber Insurers

Increased Cases of Ransomware Is Pushing Insurers to the Edge

The rampant cases of ransomware are forcing cyber insurers to rethink their ways. Today, no sector can claim immunity against ransomware. And these attacks...
Ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are triggering new ways of doing Policy in Cyber Insurance

Ransomware Shifts Things continue to change in the world of cyber insurance. The cyber insurance market is shifting. It is due to the dramatic changes...
Ransomware Epidemic

The Cyber Insurance Market Raises Concerns Amid Increased Ransomware Cases

The ransomware epidemic is a major concern today. That is true, especially to the cyber insures. Cases of ransom demand have increased from $15,000...

There is need to make changes in cyber insurance strategies

Things have changed, we are moving on, cybersecurity is advancing, every day we are witnessing new cyber threats, which have risen sharply during this...



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